For centuries, scientists such as Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei have tried to make clear that science is not real science without the inclusion of spirituality, faith, or consciousness.

That is why we offer you a very special view on the 90.10. technology. We have asked so-called "channelers", who are often called "mediums", to give us an idea on how they see or feel or perceive the 90.10. technology. Here are the results.

Please check all information using your own intuition.

Channeling by Joa Santaur - original English version - 24 minutes


Channeling by Joa Santaur - German version - 14 minutes (translation and audio by Wolfgang of Spiritscape)


Channeling by Vera Lauren - English version - 1:11 minutes (audio by Ethan of Descript)


Channeling 3 (Tanya) is in translation