Hard Science Study on Cell Growth

Dartsch Scientific Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems in Germany, which also does research on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, has conducted a hard science study for 90.10. The study led to the conclusion that by applying 90.10. QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT living cells in a petri dish are influenced in such a way that the healing time of an artificial injury (cut) is up to 68 percent faster than the healing time of the control sample. When put in relation to the body's required healing time, this means that the healing time can be reduced from three weeks to about one week.

The study was conducted under the direction of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter C. Dartsch in the laboratory of the institute in Wagenfeld, Germany. The 90.10.-CUBE, which sent out the quantum energy, was located in Mexico. The distance between the two locations was 8,600 kilometers / 5,340 miles. The project could thus represent the current world record for maintaining quantum entanglement over such a large distance.

The study may not be shared at this time, but is available for personal use (reading) as a PDF download here.