Soft Science Study done with Electroacupuncture

The extraordinary effect of the 90.10. quantum entanglement could be proven by a study carried out with the help of electro-acupuncture measurements. The institute conducting the study was the International Association for Bioenergetic Systems Analysis, BESA, based in Kammer/Schörfling, Austria.

The team around Wolfgang Albrecht, president and scientific director of IFVBESA, not only came to the conclusion that T-shirts and socks, which are quantum physically refined by direct application of the 90.10. quantum technology, neutralize negative biological interference effects of EMF (among others 5G mobile phone standard). The study also confirmed that the effect is the same over a distance of 8,600 kilometers / 5340 miles. So, whether objects are refined in a 90.10.-CUBE or with the help of 90.10. QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT is irrelevant. Both methods have the same result.

The study may not be shared at this time, but is available for personal use (reading) as WinRar PDFs (6,7 mb) here.