Quantum teleportation (or beaming)

A completely new technology

A completely new technology based on the scientific knowledge of quantum physics, more precisely on quantum entanglement, allows us to transfer energy or quantum energy and frequencies into any object located in another place. The distance does not matter, and the transfer happens within a nanosecond. This technology is realized on the Quantum Download Network.

Thus, this technology could be the precursors to the real beaming of objects and even living beings.

Scientifically confirmed by a study

In the fall of 2020, we were able to transfer quantum energy from one continent to another for the first time in the history of our company. The distance was 8.600 kilometers / 5,340 miles. Power and frequencies were transmitted at 100 percent. The energy transmitting device, our 90.10.-CUBE, was located in Mexico during the test, the energy receiving object in a laboratory in Germany. The laboratory, that we asked to do a hard science study, scientifically confirmed our success in quantum entanglement.

Target coordinates

Important in terms of transmission and maintenance of quantum entanglement is the system of target coordinates we developed. The target coordinates of the object and the object itself are connected in quantum entanglement. Through the established entanglement, the object can be enriched not only with quantum energy, but also with an unlimited number of frequencies.

The connection can remain permanently or be broken again after a few minutes.

This technology could be the forerunner for real beaming of objects and even living beings.

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The scientific principle of quantum entanglement

The phenomenon of entanglement is assigned to the area of quantum physics. It cannot be explained with the classical physics. Quantum physical entanglement occurs when two or more particles, e.g. protons or electrons, are coupled in such a way that the change of state of one particle automatically results in the other particle also changing its state. It is not only happening in the same nanosecond but is also completely independent of the distance.

To visualize: If an electron rotates clockwise around its axis, it has a positive spin. If a second electron rotates counterclockwise around its axis at the same speed, it has a negative spin. The spin of zero resulting from both states means that the electrons are entangled. If one electron changes its spin direction, the other electron changes its spin direction at the exact same moment, so that the spin of zero and thus the entanglement of the particles remain.

If both particles are close to each other, e.g. in thesame space, the phenomenon of the change of state could be explained with the two particles corresponding in light speed. However, the phenomenon is also observed when the two particles are far apart. One could be on one side of our solar system, the other on the opposite side. Strictly speaking, no correspondence in classical meaning takes place at all. The simultaneous change happens because both particles are one. Like everything in the universe is one or inseparably connected with each other.


A special process developed by 90.10. bases on the knowledge gained so far on quantum entanglement. For more than ten years, the Swiss company has been developing quantum physical products that work with so-called quantum energy (also bio-energy or primal energy). The energy is neutral, i.e. not combined with frequencies. The obtained effects cannot be explained according to the principles of classical physics and are, therefore, actually not possible. However, they can be proven with different procedures and regular measuring instruments.

The 90.10.-CUBE plays an important role in the newly developed process. Its modules were quantum physically treated in such a way that they radiate quantum energy. The energy moves from the lower module level (negative pole) to the upper module level (positive pole) and creates a torus field around the cube. Only in its center, i.e. between the module levels, matter (its smallest particles) is permanently enriched with energy. Matter are objects of everyday life as well as the human body. The intensive energy increase has a holistic effect when a person applies the 90.10. technology on him/herself. That means the energy has a positive influence on both the body and the consciousness.

Latest tests confirm that quantum physical product refinement can just as well be carried out over a distance and then have the same effect. 90.10. calls this procedure 90.10. Quantum Entanglement.Here, people themselves have no direct contact with the 90.10.-CUBE. Instead, a person's picture, which is tagged with certain target coordinates, is used. In the tests carried out, the 90.10.-CUBE and the laboratory were located at an air-line distance of 8,603 kilometers / 5,346 miles.